Curtis Arima Presentation Video Available to Current Members

All current guild members

may now watch the video online in the Member Resources section. Login to your guild account then navigate to the Member Resources page and click on the image for Curtis Arima.

Curtis Hidemasa Nickerson Arima is a San Francisco Bay Area artist and educator who ties sustainability into all aspects of his life and work.

The hour long presentation includes

  • Artistic practice (History and Overview)
  • Inspirations: Personal, Cultural and Emotional
  • Custom and Studio Jewelry: Professional and Financial Sustainability
  • Personal History: Emotional and Personal Sustainability
  • Sustainability: Personal, Cultural, Historical, Social
  • Jewelry & Metal Art Program at California College of the Arts: Includes Student Artwork
  • Supporting Sustainable Practices at CCA / JMA
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Expanded Sustainability Goals
  • Responsible Jewelry Practices for Mr. Arima’s Artwork plus Resources and Overview

Thank you again to Curtis Arima!!!

Black and white portrait of Curtis Arima melting metal in a crucible in his workshop. He is wearing eye protection and a fire resistant glove in his left hand. His apron has vertical stripes. He is wearing a necklace. In the foreground is the top of a rolling mill.
Curtis Arima melting metal into a crucible