Mad Science: Electroforming Workshop by Patty Lakinsmith


Master the basics of copper electroforming, an incredibly versatile technique. Learn the technique to augment work in any media (e.g., metal arts, glass arts, collage, et cetera). The workshop requires no background in electricity or chemistry. We welcome beginners.


Instructor supplies all tools and materials except those listed below for students to bring. (No kit fee.)

Beginners to metalsmithing are welcome!
Access to Zoom meetings via phone, tablet or computer
Workshop participants must be current MBMAG members

June 28, 2023  from 6:30 – 9 PDT:  2.5 hour Zoom meeting covering essentials of electroforming and information you’ll need for the in-person session. Options and instructions for item prep will be covered in the Zoom session. Seal the organic items you will electroform before the in-person session.

July 8, 2023 from  10 – 5 PDT: Hands on electroforming workshop at Patty’s studio near Summit Rd, Los Gatos, CA. Create 2-3 designs of your choice. Troubleshooting, tank maintenance and much more will be taught. You will learn how to make bails and add embellishments such as gemstones. The electroforming process takes 24 hours and arrangements need to be made to pick up the finished pieces.

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Midnight PDT on Wednesday June 28, 2023



In the event we have to cancel a workshop, you will be notified prior to the start date and will be issued a full refund.

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About Patty Lakinsmith

Patty makes pieces inspired by nature for creative women who care about the environment and show their individuality through their jewelry.  She works in torch form glass and often embellishes her designs with electroformed items.

View more of her art at The Glass Acorn


In the Zoom session

Overview of electroforming with examples of its use in various forms. Patty will show a Powerpoint presentation containing a number of examples in her own art and that of others. You’ll receive a copy of Patty’s Mad Science Electroforming tutorial to consult during and after the workshop. Patty will cover the processes and materials involved in electroforming natural materials such as plant pods, bones, leaves, etc. You’ll learn:

  • the versatility of electroforming
  • various techniques used to get different visual effects
  • the materials you need to electroform, including both electronics hardware as well as chemicals
  • the principles involved in electroforming including safety measures
  • how to set up the electroforming bath
  • what to use for sources of copper
  • how to get various visual effects
  • the steps involved in finishing electroformed items, and the supplies needed

You have 9 days to prep and seal organic items on your own before the in person session, using the detailed instructions you’ve been given with your copy of the tutorial to consult. Options and detailed instructions will be covered in the Zoom session during which questions will be answered.

The in-person session includes learning

  • how to apply the conductive paint and set up and run
  • hands on electroforming of your pre-sealed items
  • troubleshooting along the way when problems are encountered
  • techniques for making metal pendant bails
  • how to incorporate items such as gemstones (natural and synthetic) in an electroformed piece. A limited number of these items will be made available for the students to use

While the pieces are being electroformed, we will discuss

  • materials needed to get started with your own setup
  • sources, costs, and ideas for making some of the chemicals yourself.
  • tank and solution maintenance.
  • how to troubleshoot problems

The class will break for lunch at a mutually convenient time in the middle of the in person workshop. There is a supermarket with an extensive deli and outdoor seating 2 miles away (lunch cost not included in the workshop price).