CALL FOR ARTISTS: Surf, Sand & Silversmiths at PVAC – Aug to Oct 2016

Mokume gane shell - Artist: Jerry Blanchard


Surf, Sand and Silversmiths

at Pajaro Valley Arts Council in Watsonville
August 24 – October 9, 2016
Reception: August 28th

Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild presents a new exhibition
at Pajaro Valley Arts Council in Watsonville.  
You are invited to participate in this very special event.

The theme is: Surf, Sand & Silversmiths
You may enter up to 3 pieces per artist
The entry fee is $35.00
Entry Deadline: June 15th

This should be new work, not shown in a previous MBMAG exhibit. Small and medium-sized Sculpture will also be accepted. We will have a Gift Shop within the show, for production pieces $150 retail and under. In the gift shop you can feature up to 6 pieces!  Any work sold can be replaced with another piece.

You must be a current MBMAG member to participate in this exhibit.

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Register now. 
Entry deadline: June 15, 2016.

Important note: If you are paying by PayPal, make sure to use the “Notes” box to tell us your name, if your PayPal account is not under the same name as your MBMAG membership, or if your PayPal account uses a different email address. We don’t want to lose track of anyone.

If you prefer to pay by check, you may send it in with the Mail-in Registration Form.  You will have access to the Mail-in Registration form in the Member Area, once you’ve joined MBMAG.  (Full instructions for registering by mail are on the form.)

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Feel free to share this info with friends who you feel may be interested. Once they join here, they will be given access to the Member Area to register for this and any other upcoming exhibits and events.

PVAC reserves the right to refuse any work that it deems inappropriate for the exhibit.   PVAC commission rates are as follows: 30% Commission to PVAC if you are a current PVAC Member, or 45% Commission to PVAC if you are not currently a PVAC Member.  Contact PVAC at either or 831-722-3062 for membership information.

Stay tuned…

Once you are registered to participate in the exhibit, you will receive information via email regarding: Artist Statement;  Drop-off  dates; Volunteer jobs, etc.

Your Show Coordinators are: Dorie Green, Carol Gordon, Bridget Canty and Annette Nemes

Questions?? Let us know via the contact form.

About PVAC

Surf Sand and Silversmiths - PVAC 2016

Our Mission Statement:

“Bringing the community together through the arts”

This is our 30th year!

The Pajaro Valley Arts Council, known as PVAC, was founded as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in 1984 in Watsonville, California, to promote and foster cultural events in the Pajaro Valley and south Santa Cruz County. We strive to nourish the artistic resources found in our rich local cultural diversity, historical heritage, and the natural beauty of the Central Coast. We work collaboratively to develop and promote opportunities for public participation in and appreciation for the arts.

PVAC opened the gallery in 1986, and presents rotating visual art exhibition in both the gallery and satellite locations.

–excerpted from the PVAC website

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