Virtual Metal Art Workshops

click here to download a PDF of the following virtual workshops policy

Online Workshops

  • All virtual workshops are listed in Pacific Time

  • Virtual workshops are live and interactive. Participate from the comfort of your home or studio! Workshops are taught via the web based Zoom video conferencing platform. Zoom is free and easy to use.
  • Student participation during workshop sessions is encouraged but not required. You are welcome to observe without participating. Students watch demos and may ask questions and get individual help during the sessions if the instructor has structured the class in this manner. As a guild, we strive to offer this type of workshop.

  • Shorter workshops (2-3 hours per session) are mainly focused on instructor demonstrations; this varies by instructor and workshop. Students may practice the techniques after class or between class sessions and may contact the instructor with questions. Being in a workspace during these shorter workshops may be helpful, but as they do not generally have much in-class work time, it is not necessary.

  • For longer workshops, students may have more in-class work time. If you have a workspace and the suggested tools and materials, you will be able to follow along with the instructor. Being a paid student observer is also welcome.

  • If you have registered but do not attend, you will still receive the recording to view for 60 days.

Zoom Workshops

  • Zoom is free to download and use on a phone, tablet, or computer. We recommend a laptop or desktop computer for maximum visual quality.  Click here to download Zoom (Don’t wait until the last minute!)
  • Please contact us if you have never used Zoom and need help BEFORE the workshop.
  • Participants will receive the Zoom call information by email a few days before the class, and again the day before class starts. A link will direct students to the Zoom meeting (in a browser or using the app). The same link will be used for both class dates. 
  • When you join the class online, a moderator will check your registration before granting you entrance to the virtual classroom. Please be patient and we will let you in as soon as possible.

Each class is recorded and available for registered participants to review information. Students will receive a password protected link to class session recording within a few days after the class ends. The recording will be available for 60 days after the recording link is distributed. Please do not share this recording with non-registered students.

Workshop Materials 

In the Materials and Tools section of each class information web page, you will see recommended tools and supplies used for the class. The tools and materials are purchased by each student. Student participation during or in-between class sessions is strongly encouraged but not required. Observer-only paid students are welcome, for whom none of the tools or materials are required.