Around and Round: All Member Exhibit Spring-Summer 2024

Pajaro Valley Arts Around and Round Exhibit & Sale for Jewelry and Sculpture May 29 to July 14, 2024.

@ Pajaro Valley Arts, Watsonville, CA
exhibit + sale opens May 29, 2024
exhibit + sale closes July 14, 2024

Final day to submit artwork details is April 29, 2024

We encourage artists to create up to 3 new metal art pieces
(sculpture, jewelry, or a mix of both )
The theme Around and Round may be interpreted as you wish. 

Word cloud made of paths. Around and Round. Traveling. Traversing. Philosophy. Sophistry. Wheels. Orbs.  Ball. Orbiting. A Resonant Voice. Circulatory System. Venn Diagram. Ring. Bubbles. Hydrologic Cycles. Hugs. Planets. Going  Full-Circle.

Up to 3 pieces of metal art can be submitted for the exhibit + sale
Prices must include gallery commission

All new and current members are encouraged to submit metal art ranging from sculpture to objects to jewelry.

At the artists’ at the opening reception Sun June 2, 2024 2-4 pm
light refreshments will be served and exhibiting artists can sell jewelry they are wearing in “Sell What You Wear”.

A third sales opportunity is the PVA Gift Shop where you can sell up to 5 pieces. If any of those pieces sell, PVA will contact you and ask if you’d like to replace the sold piece with another piece to sell.

All communications between you and are secured via SSL.

Artwork must be complete before beginning the artwork details submission process because PVA requires artwork dimensions.


BEFORE using the PDF form to submit artwork details, you MUST DOWNLOAD IT TO YOUR COMPUTER.

AFTER the file is downloaded, you may open it and fill out the PDF.

After you fill out the PDF, email a copy to BOTH email addresses listed in the document. Print a copy to sign and deliver with your artwork. Print a 2nd copy of the pages listing your artwork details. Cut those pages up and place each ‘label’ separately with each piece of artwork in their own plastic bag.


We are excited to announce that Pajaro Valley Arts will be hosting the exhibition both in person and virtually. Visit the Virtual Tours page to see an example of a virtual show

As part of the exhibition, the Pajaro Valley Arts gallery will also sell member’s art in their gift shop area. In our previous gallery exhibit and sale, many members had successful gallery gift shop sales. Exhibiting artists are welcome to provide up to 5 pieces priced at less than $200 for the PVA Gift Shop area.

What’s the difference?? Art submitted for the EXHIBIT area must be one-of-a-kind and may be any price. Art submitted for the GIFT SHOP area must be priced at less than $200 and may be a design of which you create multiples for sale.

Exhibiting artists are also invited to participate in the “Sell What You Wear” experience at the “Around and Round” opening reception. Details will be sent out via email closer to the reception date along with a link to fill out a form for you to “Sell What You Wear”.

The Registration Confirmation email you receive will contain a link to this page. At the bottom of this page is the online artwork submission form.

Pajaro Valley Arts, in collaboration with MBMAG exhibit team members, will create printed and virtual postcards which will be provided at no extra cost to participating artists.

  • The Around and Round Exhibit + Sale accepts new and established guild members. You may JOIN or Renew NOW to enter artwork. Everyone is welcome regardless of residence location
  • All submissions must be original in design and demonstrate a professional level of skill.
  • Maximum of 3 pieces may be entered for the gallery exhibit + sale
  • All artwork in the gallery exhibit must NOT have been exhibited at any previous PVA shows
  • Up to 5 pieces may be entered for the Gift Shop Area of the PVA gallery
  • All art must be priced with the gallery commission included
  • Sculpture is accepted and we love that PVA is a place to exhibit sculptures
  • Your submission will be considered complete when the appropriate entry fee has been paid via the above registration link, and all required artwork submission details are complete via the online form below by midnight on Monday April 29, 2024.
  • Entry submission implies agreement to the PVA Loan Agreement terms

Photos are NOT required, but all artists are encouraged to submit photos so we may advertise your pieces

Volunteers and needed and very much appreciated

  • Please let Toni Danzig know if you are interested in helping.
  • Each artist will be asked to choose a volunteer activity when submitting artwork. Click the bar below to read the details and timing for each volunteer activity.

Volunteers and needed and very much appreciated for the following activities:

  • Exhibit installation: Help organize and place artwork in the gallery the weekend of May 11th
  • Gift Shop Organization: Organize and install artwork in the gallery’s gift shop area on the weekend of May 11th
  • Photography Assistance: Help other artists take photographs of their artwork (via advice or in-person). Your contact information will be passed on to artists who request this type of help.
  • Form Assistance: Help other artists fill out the exhibit entry forms (via advice). Your contact information will be passed on to artists who request this type of help.
  • Case and Vitrine Moving TO Gallery: On May 11, 2024, 6 volunteers and 3 vans or trucks are needed to move the cases and vitrines from Santa Cruz to Watsonville and assemble them in the gallery
  • Make-a-Bracelet: On June 15, 2024, the guild needs at least 6 volunteers from 11-4pm to assist with our free-to-the-public Make-a-Bracelet event. We assist people at each step to create a cuff bracelet. We need assistance from 11-noon to setup, and 3-4pm to clean up.
  • Return Exhibit Artwork to Artists: On July 14, 2024 from 4-7pm, organize and assist return of pieces to artists from the exhibit (4 volunteers are needed)
  • Return Gift Shop Artwork to Artists: On July 14, 2024 from 4-7pm, organize and assist return of gift shop pieces to the artists (2 volunteers are needed)
  • Case and Vitrine Moving FROM Gallery: On July 15, 2024, 6 volunteers and 3 vans or trucks are needed to disassemble and move the cases and vitrines from the gallery in Watsonville to Santa Cruz
  • Public Relations: Write a public relations release for the guild and send it to news outlets
  • Post Card Distribution: Visit local organizations and hotels in the Monterey, Watsonville, and Santa Cruz area to provide packs of postcards to promote the exhibit
  • Social Media: Create and post photos and videos to social media to promote the exhibit
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on the link in the Registration Confirmation email you received
  3. SCROLL DOWN to the Artwork Submission Form
  4. Artwork details (including dimensions of each piece) are due when you fill out the submission form below; and must be submitted no later than April 29, 2024
  5. We’ve created a generic tutorial video for the submission forms. This tutorial does NOT show the Around and Round exhibit form and is meant to be a general guide.
  6. The Labels and Records, aka Inventory, forms are created automatically for you by the online form and automatically emailed to you upon form submission with a filled in copy of the PVA Loan Agreement. Follow the instructions in the PDF.
  7. Create a printed Artist Statement and Artist Biography for the Artists Book displayed at the gallery. These pages help sell your art. The gallery staff uses the exhibit Artists Book to help inform potential customers about each piece and the associated artist. Please help the gallery team sell your artwork by providing the Artist Statement and Artist Biography.
  8. Deliver your printed Statement/Biography sheet(s) with your art to the show organizers. See below for helpful links on creating a Statement and/or Bio.

April 29, 2024 (Mon)

All artwork details are DUE by midnight. Photos are NOT required.

May 4, 2024 (Sat)
1 – 3 pm

Monterey Area Artists Artwork drop off at Paris Bakery, Monterey, CA

May 5, 2024 (Sun)
1 – 3 pm

Artwork drop off at The Farm Bakery Cafe, Aptos, CA

May 29, 2024 (Wed)

Exhibition opens

June 2, 2024 (Sun)
2 – 4 pm

Artists Opening Reception with “Sell What You Wear” opportunity for exhibiting artists

June 15, 2024 (Sat)
12 – 3 pm

Free to the public Make-a-Bracelet event with free snacks. Join us in the patio garden area behind the gallery and create a cuff bracelet with the assistance of guild members.

July 14, 2024 (Sun)

Exhibition Closes at 4 pm

July 14, 2024 (Sun)
5 – 7 pm

All artists pick up any unsold artwork in-person at the PVA Gallery

Online submission with up to THREE pieces of work that have not been previously exhibited at PVA. Submit artist and artwork details. Images are NOT required to exhibit artwork. We encourage artists to upload high-quality images as part of the submission process. The higher the quality of the photo, the higher the likelihood it will be used for the postcards and social media advertising. See PHOTOS above for tips and guidelines.

Dimensions, materials used, type of artwork, artist contact information and optional narrative statements are all provided using the online form.


Before starting the submission form, verify that you are logged in to your account on the website. For the best results, log OUT and then LOGIN again BEFORE beginning the form. If you have been logged into the website for 48 hours, the website may automatically and without warning log you out. The website will continue to allow you to enter data, but none will be saved. To resolve this and other issues with form submissions, READ THIS GUIDE.

FREE All Member Winter Party 2024

Announcement for the All Member Winter Party and Potluck. Sunday January 28, 2024 at the Elks Lodge on 121 Martinelli Street near Lake in Watsonville, CA. Photo of Guest Speaker Curtis Arima whose topic will be "Sustaining Multiple Art Practices". His philosophy is to be a thinking and environmentally caring artist. The timing for the board meeting is 12-1, the potluck and speaker is 1-3, friendly exchange and sharing and cleanup from 3-4pm

Come meet other metal artists at our FREE annual Winter Gathering
and enjoy the presentation by
Artist/Educator Curtis Hidemasa Arima
Sunday January 28, 2024
scroll down for details

Artist and educator Curtis Hidemasa Arima with list torch is ready to lift the gunk off of the ingot he is pouring in his workshop. He is wearing protective eyewear, a heatproof glove, and a striped apron. Between the camera and Curtis is a rolling mill/
Curtis Hidemasa Arima

Save your spot by filling out this FREE registration form


Sunday, JANUARY 28, 2024
FREE Winter Meeting and Potluck Party
1 – 4 pm
The Elks Lodge, Watsonville, CA
Ample FREE parking!

Join us for good food, fellowship, and an informative talk by artist and educator Curtis Hidemasa Arima who will give a presentation on Sustaining Multiple Art Practices.

Mr. Arima’s philosophy includes being a thinking and environmentally caring artist. He currently teaches in the Jewelry/Metal Arts Program Core and Pre-College program at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA. Learn more about Mr. Arima.

Limit of 120 attendees

Sign up now for a FREE spot (current and new members). Join MBMAG now for all of 2024

When registering, enter the total # of people (up to 3), including yourself.

Bring a potluck dish to share with serving utensil(s)

You are welcome to attend without bringing a dish.

Please label your dish if you have made a special type (vegan, vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free, paleo, etc.) so others know they can partake. If a dish includes nuts or shellfish, please label the dish accordingly. You may use blue tape and a marker to label the dish.

The guild will provide water, eating utensils, paper plates, and napkins.

BYOB if you prefer something other than water

The Elks Lodge, Members Room, 121 Martinelli Street, Watsonville, CA 95076

google street view of Elks Lodge #1300 in Watsonville, CA

Art of 10 Guild Members in Local Gallery Show

Pajaro Vallley Arts Presents "Out of the Fire" curated by Susana Arias and Judy Stabile, this show postcard lists the hours and times for the gallery and the opening reception in Watsonville, California. Metal artists, glass artists and more are on exhibit and for sale

Pajaro Valley Arts new Out of the Fire exhibition and sale features all types of art “created using fire as a transformative tool in the making of the work.

The Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild is happy 10 of our Guild members are in this show! The artists are: Ron Baldwin, Lynette Cederquist, Helene Daniels, Kirk McNeill, Melissa Offutt, Cynthia Starkey, Lynne Todaro, Rebecca Wallace, Lynda Watson and Mary Weeks! Congratulations!

The juried exhibit features 55 local artists.

The show runs from August 9, 2023 – September 14, 2023
Opening reception from 2 – 4pm on Sunday August 13, 2023

Pajaro Valley Arts, 35 Sudden St, Watsonville CA
Open 11 am – 4pm Wed – Sunday

Summer Party Sunday August 27, 2023

an illustration of a metal arts educator is juggling tools (calipers, pliers, hammer & graver) in this Honoring Local Educators summer party announcement

FREE Summer Party!

Join us as we celebrate
local metal artist educators
past and present


The event is outside in the gardens of Sierra Azul Nursery

Come say thank you to your favorite
educators, assistants, workshop leaders, and helpers.

The monthly board meeting will happen on-site immediately before the party (12 – 1 pm)
We welcome all to attend and participate.

We look forward to seeing each other, catching up, announcing new events, honoring our local metal arts educators, viewing the Links Project plus any new links you bring, having lunch and cake, and answering any and all questions about the guild.

Bring your own picnic chair(s). Some shade is available at our picnic/meeting site. Bring a hat and sunscreen if you’d like to walk the gardens.


Bring a potluck dish to share with serving utensil(s).

BYOB (bring your own beverage)

You are welcome to attend and partake without bringing a dish.

Please label your dish if you have made a special type (vegan, vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free, paleo, etc.) so others know they can partake. If a dish includes nuts or shellfish, please label the dish accordingly. You may use blue tape and a marker to label the dish.

The guild will provide eating utensils, paper plates, napkins, and a cake.

Sun August 27th 1 – 4 pm
Sierra Azul Nursery
2660 E. Lake Ave, Watsonville, CA 95076
Hwy 152 across from the Fairgrounds

Pajaro Valley Art’s yearly show, Sculpture IS, will be in full swing.
Enjoy the FREE exhibit and the beautiful demonstration gardens
over Sierra Azul’s acreage. Always very impressive! 

composite image with garden overview in the background, a sculpture by Jenni Ward in the left forground, the title of the exhibit, and Sierra Azul Nursery and Garden logo

Summer Party Sunday August 21, 2022

flyer with a sun, a blue sky, and details of the summer party 2022

Please join us for our Summer BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch) Party!

See below for more information

Pajaro Valley Art Center’s yearly show, Sculpture Is, will be in full swing, as well as the beautiful demonstration gardens over Sierra Azul’s acreage. Always very impressive! 

With the pandemic, we are suggesting wearing a mask if you’d like to keep yourself or others safe.

Bring your own lunch, plates, utensils and picnic chair

We’ll be having the monthly board meeting immediately before the party (12 – 1 pm) and we welcome all to attend and participate

We will be sharing what we all have been doing the last year and a half, there’s a Summer Swap, and there’s a Summer-to-Winter Re-Create. We look forward to seeing each other (in person!), catching up and announcing new events, having lunch, ….

Do you have a piece of jewelry or sculpture on hand that you’d like to swap out for a piece by another guild member? Then check out our SUMMER SWAP

Is there a sad half-finished piece that has been staring at you from your bench waiting and longing to be finished?  You pick it up, turn it over and put it down again.  You know it has life and wants to be whole. The SUMMER TO WINTER RE-CREATE is for you.


Bring a piece of jewelry or sculpture to the Summer Party that you are willing to swap out. If you bring one, you will go home with one.  We will number the items and have people pick a number ‘out of a hat.’  You will go home with the metal art piece that corresponds to the number picked!


Bring an unfinished piece to the MBMAG Summer party. If you bring an unfinished metal art piece you take home a different piece to finish.  How it works: Each piece will be given a number. A fellow metal artist member will pull a number ‘out of the hat’ then take the corresponding piece home and finish it. The finished pieces will be brought to the Winter Party and returned to the original artists. At the Winter Party the pieces will be displayed for all to see, and the original owners can don their new piece of jewelry!

Let the creative juices flow.
Your Challenge Team,
Annette Nemes and Toni Danzig

Date: Sunday August 21, 2022 from 1 to 4 pm
Location: 2660 E. Lake Ave (Hwy 152 across from the Fairgrounds), Watsonville, CA 95076

Save the Dates

Pajara Valley Arts center building

“Reflections” Exhibition & Sale at Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery

Our next all member exhibition will begin this summer at the Pajaro Valley Arts center gallery in Watsonville California.

All artists are welcome, if you aren’t yet a member of the Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild, you are welcome to join from wherever you are in the world.

The theme of the upcoming exhibition is “Reflections” and we are encouraging artists to create 3 new narrative works based on the theme of “Reflections”. More details about the theme, dates for show registration, and more are to come in March 2021.

As part of the exhibition, the Pajaro Valley Arts center gallery will also sell member’s art in their gift shop area. In our previous gallery exhibit and sale, many members had successful gift shop sales.

We are excited to announce that Pajaro Valley Arts will be hosting the exhibition in person and virtually. Visit the Virtual Tours page to see an example

All members are encouraged to participate. Continue reading for more details.

The Guild had a successful exhibit at the PVA in 2017, and PVA has invited us back. We will accept up to three pieces per artist, and sculpture is encouraged. The theme of the exhibit, “Reflections”, can be used as a stepping off place for your work and can be interpreted as you see fit.

Exhibit entry fee to MBMAG is $35. You must be a current member of MBMAG to enter, but you may join at any time from anywhere.

Membership in PVA is optional, but encouraged. See: For items that sell in the “gift shop” area of the gallery, PVA will take 30% if you are a member of PVA or 45% if you are a PVA non-member.

Plus: The gift area was very successful last time. Show participants may put up to 5 pieces. Work should have a value of $100.00 or less. As items are sold you may replace them.

We are looking for volunteers to work on this exhibit. Please let Toni Danzig,, know if you are interested in helping. Your participation is appreciated. These are the current project team leaders for the exhibition:

Entry form, photo and IT Support – Pat Evans & Toni Danzig
Education Displays – Pat Evans
Exhibit Installation – Toni Danzig
Recruitment of sponsors – project leader needed.
Gift area organization – Marylou Forrest & Jim Turner
Marketing & Music – Margie Moran and Ron Baldwin
Moving of cases and vitrines – Courtney Scruggs

MBMAG Monthly Speaker Series: Paul Kmetko

calipers, pliers, graver and hammer surround the Speaker Series announcement for the Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild

Friday, May 18, 2018 7-9 PM

MBMAG Speaker Series:

Paul Kmetko: Stenciling on Enamel -Tips and Easy to Make Tool

Stencils are commonly used in enameling and they can be tricky to manipulate. Nothing is worse than carefully applying powder to your design and jostling the stencil whilst trying to remove it… Not only does it waste precious material, it can be very frustrating.

In addition just laying a stencil down on top of the work doesn’t guarantee a snug fit and powder will creep under boundary zones. In order to solve the problem I went back to my roots in screen printing and devised a solution that solves both problems at once. It started as a low tech device with a easily  available clamp fixture that can be modified with minimal effort by almost anybody.

Paul will share this device and how to make a low-tech version of it, as well as giving tips on stenciling on enamel at this month’s MBMAG Speaker Series.

Stenciled Enamel Dish by Paul Kmetko

Paul is  a silver smith, enamel artist and the owner of Seabright Metalworks in Santa Cruz.

Creator Haven LLC is at 41B, Hangar Way, Watsonville, CA

Summer Party at Sierra Azul Nursery

graphic of pineapple, sun and a glass of water with a straw

Sunday, Aug. 6 from 1-4 
at Sierra Azul Nursery, 
 2660 E Lake Ave, Watsonville, CA 95076
(across from the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds)
Come join us for our summer get-together at the lovely Sierra Azul Nursery. Bring something yummy for our potluck meal, a folding chair, and your latest bench tips, creations, or interesting tools to share with the group. Wander the 10th annual “Sculpture Is” exhibit, with over 100 sculptures scattered through the nursery grounds and re-connect with your fellow guild members.
We will have a brief board meeting before the party, starting at noon. Please feel free to come early and sit in on the board meeting.

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Surf, Sand & Silversmiths at PVAC – Aug to Oct 2016

Surf Sand and Silversmiths - PVAC 2016

Mokume gane shell - Artist: Jerry Blanchard


Surf, Sand and Silversmiths

at Pajaro Valley Arts Council in Watsonville
August 24 – October 9, 2016
Reception: August 28th

Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild presents a new exhibition
at Pajaro Valley Arts Council in Watsonville.  
You are invited to participate in this very special event.

The theme is: Surf, Sand & Silversmiths
You may enter up to 3 pieces per artist
The entry fee is $35.00
Entry Deadline: June 15th

This should be new work, not shown in a previous MBMAG exhibit. Small and medium-sized Sculpture will also be accepted. We will have a Gift Shop within the show, for production pieces $150 retail and under. In the gift shop you can feature up to 6 pieces!  Any work sold can be replaced with another piece.

You must be a current MBMAG member to participate in this exhibit. Continue reading “CALL FOR ARTISTS: Surf, Sand & Silversmiths at PVAC – Aug to Oct 2016”