Melissa Offutt - Pearl Nests Necklace
Pearl Nests
sterling silver & pearls
Melissa Offutt
Melissa Offutt - Collage Necklace

sterling silver, mixed media, collage

Throughout history, humans have used art and adornment as a way of maintaining a relationship with the earth and their spiritual lives. I am compelled to emulate these historic references, in spirit, when creating my own art. Similar to ancient and primitive cultures whose interaction with their surroundings and the creation of beautiful and powerful images are vital aspects of their spirituality, creating sculpture and jewelry is an expression of my own essence.

In indigenous cultures the process of creation is often equally important to their spiritual lives, as are the objects that result. To experience that process of creative immersion is a significant aspect of my own artistic intent, as well.Texture is a key element in my work. Whether it is a piece of jewelry or a somewhat larger small sculpture, the surfaces of my work are replete with etched, folded, or controlled texture. The shapes are volumetric, over-inflated rectilinear forms that suggest a human feature or organic reference.


Art is, for me, a connection to the natural world that is more direct than any other aspect of my life. My journey to this place of creation has been a circular one, encompassing many experiences, both challenging and creative. Birth, death, love, frustration – balance and support me as I navigate this process of expression and connection to the relationships that make up my time on this earth.

My intent is that this work will inspire inner reflection in the viewer and that they may find beauty or something compelling or thought-provoking in the work.