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Deb Lozier Lecture June 11th 6pm


deblozierWednesday, June 11th
Lecture 6pm
Cabrillo College VAPA 1001
Sponsored by Cabrillo College Seahawk Metal Arts Club – SMAC

Deborah Lozier is a well-known local instructor, teaching at the California College of Arts and Crafts and other local and international art schools and is one of the finest torch-firing enamelists working in the U.S. today. She is best known for her organic approach to vitreous enamel – fused glass on metal. She exhibits nationally, and internationally and stretches beyond her personal work to include public and private commissions. Her work is collected widely and is part of the permanent collection of the Oakland Museum of California.

Urgent Arts Action Alert!


Critical vote on state arts funding in legislature – Your letter needed by Tomorrow, Monday, June 2nd!

MBMAG is sending a letter, you can too. By filling out this form, and faxing it to the assembly members listed below. Thank you for your support!

The State Legislative Budget Conference Committee will meet on Monday, June 2, and among the issues it will act upon is the increase in state arts funding that was recommended by the Assembly earlier this month.

This is a critical moment for what we believe is our best chance in over a decade to restore funding for the arts in our state!

Please FAX* letter to each of these individuals:

Assembly members:

Richard H. Bloom – (916) 319-2150

Nancy Skinner – (916) 319-2115

Shirley N. Weber – (916) 319-2179

Jeff Gorell – (916) 319-2144


Mark Leno – (916) 651-4911

Loni Hancock – (916) 651-4909

Ricardo Lara – (916) 651-4933

Jim W. Nielsen – (916) 651-4904

MASSC Call for Entries!

MASSC - Metal Arts Society of Southern California

MASSC - Metal Arts Society of Southern California
MASSC Metal Extinction:
Using Metal to Honor and Make Permanent our Vanishing World

Entry Deadline: 7/1/14
Days remaining to deadline: 40



Images – Minimum: 2, Maximum: 6
Total Media – Minimum: 2, Maximum: 6

Entry Fee (Metal Extinction Entry Fee): $35.00

MASSC Metal Arts Society of Southern California


Using Metal to Honor and Make Permanent our Vanishing World

First Prize: $1000, Second Prize: $500, Third Prize: $250.00, Honorable Mention, and Public Choice

Jurors: David Freda, Barbara Hendricks, Marne Ryan

We have entered a period of “mass extinction” as species are dying out at a rate ten
thousand times higher than the natural process of extinction. As the polar bear has
become classified as threatened, bees are being decimated by colony collapse, our
natural world is changing before our eyes. Mammals, tortoises, birds as well as many
plant species all find themselves disappearing.

For centuries, artists have found their inspiration in the natural world and as we enter
into an unprecedented period of extinction rates, MASSC challenges you to honor and
commemorate extinct and endangered species in works of metal that show a mastery in
technique equivalent to the beauty and grace of the vanishing natural world.

As we watch the growing expression of wearable art in vivid tempestuous flux, Metal
Extinction: Using Metal to Honor and Make Permanent our Vanishing World is an exhibit
intended to calibrate the compass to showcase fine craftsmanship in metal. This
exhibition places emphasis on metal artisanship, unexpected creation, and masterful
use of metal that becomes something ageless, bringing to life a quality of that which is
gone or may be gone forever.

GO HERE or here to read more!

Keep the “Community” in Community Colleges!

community colleges

community colleges

If you’ve ever benefited from the classes at a community college near you, please take the time to read about the repeatability regulations that went into effect in September of 2013.

“…In addition to reducing access for all students/community members, these changes will have a devastating impact on visual and performing arts across the state. Without changes to these regulations, the depth and breadth of community college arts programs, which have been built for over fifty years, will crumble.  (Arts and physical education students throughout the state are particularly impacted by the regulations. While students can, in the case of a “content-related family,” repeat a course up to four times, they can only take a total of four courses in a content-related family. This significantly limits the success and access for students who must repeat courses multiple times in order to become proficient.)…”

Read more and sign the petition here.


ARTWEAR at the De Young

ARTWEAR at the De Young


On Friday, May 2, and Saturday, May 3, the de Young will host its sixth annual ARTWEAR event, where visitors can browse and take home pieces of original, wearable art. Featuring designs from 16 skilled Bay Area textile and jewelry artisans, ARTWEAR offers a colorful variety of apparel and accessories that are entirely handcrafted. Read more.